BOCB Senate Application

BACB Certification Information

Employment Information

Employment Information

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Notable Involvements/Accomplishments within the field

Please list and explain notable involvements/Accomplishments within the field here:


Eligibility Requirements and Attestation

In order to be eligible for a position on the BOCB Senate, the following requirements must be met:

• One year of experience in an administrative and/or clinical supervisory position • The candidate must provide an updated copy of their Curriculum Vitae • A one page Letter of Intent must be submitted addressing the following questions:

o What interests you about the BOCB? o What skills do you believe you can bring to the role of being a BOCB Senate member? o What are your primary areas of interest and proficiencies within the field that will aid in contribution to the BOCB?

• Candidate must submit suggestions for the BOCB proposal. (Using Track Changes on Microsoft Word) • In order to be considered for a position on the BOCB Senate, candidate must undergo an interview with a current BOCB member.


• Senate Member must remain in good standing with their BACB Certification. • All Senate Members are expected to uphold the COEBO Standards within their place of business. • Senate Member must attend all monthly meetings. o Members will be notified of said meetings at least 48 hours in advance. • Term will be one year for the inaugural board.


I confirm that all information stated above is true and I authorize the verification of the information provided on this form in order to be considered for a position in the Behavioral Organization Certification Board.

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